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No Chinese Intrusion in Ladhak’s Demchok: Says Army Chief Rawat

No Chinese Intrusion

Chinese Intrusion:

New Delhi: On Saturday Army chief in a media gathering confirmed that there is no Chinese Intrusion in the Ladhak’s Demchok Area.

India and china share a disputed border in Doklam. Both the Armies engaged in a stand-off for 73 days in 2017.

No Chinese Intrusion

Chief Rawat said “Chinese come and patrol to their perceived Line of Actual Control…we try and prevent them. But at times there are celebrations that take place at the local levels. Celebrations were going on our side by our Tibetans in the Demchok sector. Based on that, some Chinese also came to see what was happening. But there has been no intrusion. Everything is normal.”

The celebrations pointed to the flag hoisting by the Tibetans on the occasion of Dalai Lama’s Birthday on July 6.

“Chinese intruded to stop celebration of Dalai Lama’s birthday in a local village. Now India is trying to cover it up.” says a reader.

“They were civilians who came in and obviously when civilians come in the Chinese [soldiers] will accompany them. Nobody would want civilians to the border without their activity being monitored. Both sides will continue to monitor the activity of civilians along the LAC and even LoC.” Gen. Rawat answered when asked whether they were Civilians or soldiers.

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