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The Journey Of Existence – Leave a mark of your existence 5/5 (6)


What basically is existence ??? Breathing, inhaling oxygen, or just growing up with time. All these words many define that a person is living but not existing. Existing basically means having a self that people would always remember.

We all want our existence but what we all fear is being ourselves. Doing the things we love to do. Those things that define us as an individual. And why do we do so because we actually fear the crowd. Their mentality, thoughts about us. A girl getting drunk is characterless. Sleeping with someone having sex being an adult is a crime. Belonging to LGBTQ community and accepting that is found to be shameless. This is how we live. This is the freedom we get in our society.

Existence matters

What if one has sex with many before or even after marriage that’s a choice and one should never be judged by his or her personal life. Then too we all play this game at least once when we scare our own fear and take the step of freedom. When we listen to our own self focus on our own desires and do fulfill them. Every youth out there should step out from fear and make some memories that will not only make them living but will prove their existence.

Love wild, Wear what you desire, Eat, sleep, drink the way you want. Just live life at least once this will never return. But what will be left is regret. A thing that sticks with us till death. So, push up your confidence a bit force yourself tighten up your shoe laces its the time tell the world it’s all fine to exist and not just live.

People say live don’t just exist but i would rather quote many people live life but their existence is nill. What is the purpose of your life if no one knows that you ever existed. So better attempt somethings that will leave the mark of your existence.


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