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In a recent interview with BBC news. The Dalai Lama recapitulated his statement that he is OK with a female successor. But she has to be “attractive”. But certainly the internet isn’t pleased by it. As his statement faced a-lot of acute criticism.

“That also possible,” the Dalai Lama said in the interview. When asked whether he still is in favor of his 2015 statement of an “attractive female successor”. “If a female Dalai Lama comes, she should be more attractive.” The interviewer then gave a hint to Dalai Laama that his comment could be misconstrued. As “objectifying women and it’s about who you are inside.”

Then Dalai-Lama did agree to the statement but not before adding. “Yes, I think both. Real beauty is inner beauty. That is true. But we, human beings, appearance is also important.”

But his opinion about an ‘attractive female successor’ has gone viral now. This left the internet responding with anger and disappointment.

Dalai Lama, criticized all over twitter

Above all on the statement given by Dalai Laama. Twitter got flooded by sarcastic and outrageous tweets.

Some said it’s weird and some even tagged him as sexist. Some said being a saint he should never be physically attracted. Then from where come this statement of his. Some are even putting allegations on him of not being a real saint and just fooling around.

“In the end, yet another patriarch.” Read a comment while another user termed his response as “disappointing”.

Being Dalai Lama and quoting such kind of statement is really inappropriate and disheartening. And people going all craze is totally desirable. One should always think and speak at least while sitting on a prestigious position. And being such a huge public figure.

If people like Dalaii Lama whom people praise like God will give statements like this. It will definitely affect the true belief of people on them.

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