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Air India Flight, BOMB in luggage in threat E-mail

Air india emergency landing after threatning mail.

Authorities at Air India, recently, got a threatening email about a bomb in one of the luggage onboard the plane. Because of this the Air India flight had to make an emergency landing at London Stansted Airport.

When the authorities got the message Air India was in mid-air over Northern Ireland.

The flight which was travelling from Mumbai to Newark. After the emergency landing, they came to know that much of the luggage was left at the Mumbai airport. The reason was too many flight bookings, leaving no space.

The passengers would’ve gotten and a little relieved over the news of luggage which was carrying a bomb mightn’t be onboard their plane with them.

According to a report, the airport security examined the luggage prior to the flight and found no harm.

The twitter peeps exploded with statuses and opinions over this viral news, check some out:



Another user wrote, “Air India gets a bomb threat. Email says bomb in bags. It took a hard right turn. All hell broke loose. But here comes the funniest part, Air India left most of the check-in luggage behind Mumbai since the flight was overbooked.”

@neobluepanther’s reaction hit us right in the feels, “How the best laid plans can go awry!”

AI flight scheduled to leave Mumbai early morning on Thursday to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersy, US.

The threatening hoax email said, “For Air India flight, a nitrogen-free powerful explosive device has been placed in the flights baggage, which will explode in the air. These flights will suffer a plane crash.”

The flight from Mumbai to Newark wasn’t the only flight to receive the hoax email. Flights from Mumbai to Munich and Mumbai to Zurich got the hoax email too.

But when the authorities saw the email, the plane had already landed.



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