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Delhi School Boys Will Take A Pledge To Not To Misbehave with Girls.

Chief Minister of Delhi will administer a pledge for boys.
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Delhi School:

Chief Minister of Delhi and the muffler guy, Mr Arvind Kenjriwal has announced to introduce a pledge. He mentioned that an oath will be taught and function in schools for boys to behave well in schools. We all have been familiar with our pledges be it in Monday assembly or during Sports meet. However, this pledge will be regulated especially for boys to spread awareness of not to indulge in any crime against women. This also highlights the idea of showcasing a proper behavioural code among female students.

Delhi School Boys Will Take Pledge to Behave Among Girls.
source: Justdial

Since the past years, India’s National Capital has seen various rough years. 2012 Delhi Rape case of Nirbhaya where the girl was brutally raped and assaulted by a group of evil men. This act highlighted among all the cases of assault which put the government, judicial system and humanity to shame. It is often believed every child learns things during his school years. Keeping this in mind Arvind Kejriwal decided to regulate a pledge.


Will the pledge make women in this world secure?  Does that will make brutal men stop raping daughters of the nation? Will it help them to question their humanity?

There are various doubts regarding this unusual proposal for the pledge.

According to News18, while addressing the nation during FCCI women’s meet, Kejriwal requested mothers and sisters to talk to their boys while making aware of the dos and don’ts. Though he also asked them to tell their boys that if he will commit any crime he will not be accepted at home.

To promote women safety and build a secure state for women. Indeed this is a good initiative. However, the Chief Minister is regulating various measures and further told,

“Across Delhi, we have installed CCTV cameras. Delhi is the first city in the world where we will install three lakh cameras in one go. Every corner and the nook of the city will be covered.”

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