Vanity kit items every girl must have – But mystery to Men

Vanity kit : Women’s handbags are always a mystery to men. And they are not totally wrong. It seems like our bags are like deep trenches that consists of everything. From their makeup kit to things just in case they needed to save the world. Yet, when we need those things, it’s like our bags become those magicians who hide things behind the red curtains. A part of that gigantic bag is your vanity bag, probably the most important item in your handbag. However, the supposedly small bag is not so small. Just like our handbag, we fill it with too many unnecessary things and have to carry around tons of weight. Moreover, in a bid to carry everything, we often forget the most important items that are a must to have.
So other than makeup items, here is a list of essential vanity items that every girl must keep

Vanity kit : Face Cleansing Routine Kit

This obviously includes your face wash, your toner and your face cream. These are a must just in case you have to remove your make up or just have to wash your face.


Hair tie and pins

To manage your not so  unfrizzy hair !

Wet wipes

Too sweaty and without water. Wipes to the rescue!

Vanity kit Hairbrush

Well, obviously!

Lip – balm

Ready to pucker your lips ladies? Always


Always keep your mystical fragrance with you

Vanity kit Sanitizer

Do you have something to add in the list? Tell us on the comments
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