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Tariff Wars – Increase on US products is unacceptable : Trump

tariff wars

Tariff Wars: The US President Donald Trump is looking forward to meet India’s Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi on the sidelines of G 20 summit. The summit will take place in Osaka , Japan. In the past several months, Donald Trump has referred to India as a “tariff king” . The US President has hit the Modi government saying that increase in tariffs imposed on US products is unacceptable . Consequently , Trump has threatened India that it will impose reciprocal tariff on Indian products.

Furthermore , Trump said in a tweet that :

Significant tension grew out between India and United States when Trump ended preferential trade with India back in January 2019 . The Indian government shortly retaliated through imposing heavy tariffs on 28 US products earlier this month. The products include almonds , walnuts and lentils as well .

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in New Delhi ,India recently to reduce increasing trade tension between the two countries :


He said that “ Partners run into each other, have different views. We’ll work through those,President Donald Trump made it clear that this will be no cakewalk. He tweeted that the recent import tariffs India has imposed on 29 US imports are “unacceptable” and “must be withdrawn”. India of course is dissatisfied with how the US has taken a “unilateral position” in rolling back export incentives from here. But the bottom line is  that shared strategic and economic interests will keep both countries at the negotiating table, for there is no way forward except to walk together”.

Prime minster Narendra Modi has reached Osaka, Japan for G 20 summit 2019 . PM Modi will be holding several bilateral and multilateral meetings with world’s other leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump. The Prime Minster is there for only three days.

The White House said Trump and Modi would hold a bilateral meeting on June 28. Their meeting would be most importantly regarding the strain which has occurred between the two countries .

In conclusion, what do you think about Tariff Wars?

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