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DMRC: Free rides- boon or bane?


DMRC: In the age of high end cars and  superbikes, Delhi Metro and DTC buses still serve as the basic mean of transportation for a high demographic population in the Capital City. Such means of public transportation help millions commute to their destination daily. It also keeps the city a bit cleaner than it would have been as it decreases the pollution levels. It is also hailed as one of the safest transportation modes for budget travelers; helping the women commute in a safer manner.


Keep this in mind, the AAP government with is coming out with a move that may change the way of travelling for millions, forever. The introduction of the policy to make Metro Rides free of cost to all women commuters. This policy change come with the need for safer modes of transportation for women who cannot afford the prices of Metros and Buses. It also comes as a move for women to reclaim public spaces and improve the ratios of women commuters in such public transports. This automatically makes such spaces safe for women.
The government has promised for a full reimbursement to the DMRC for any revenue loss. According to the Aam Aadmi Party led by CM Arvind Kejriwal, the government DMRC revenue for the year has increased manifolds and using it for such movements is what the Party stands for. After AAP’s successful stint in women saftey by providing 2.8 Lakhs CCTV cameras , deploying Marshals in DTC buses and working to light up more street lights, this move doesn’t come as a surprise to take women safety to greater heights.


The proposed move has also received its bit of flak by the citizens. The reasons cited are that it is a huge revenue loss and acts as a free pass to women who have the capability to pay for these rides. It also does not take into consideration the marginalized male demographic. It has also seen an opposition by some females ; hailing it as a move against equality. And that giving free rides won’t increase the safety for their community.
In  an interview with Delhi Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot, he stated that how this move will help them to understand the consequences and the effects from it. It is a necessity for the marginalized women who despite of all the policies for women safety face harassment in other modes of transportation. It would help them get a safer method to travel which will be cost effective for them. He also stated that the females who have the ability to pay should do needful. The target for the policy is different but is a generalized move.

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