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Doctors Movement Analysis – Left Perspective

doctor's movement

My basic problem with this doctor’s movement in particular and any doctors movement (for that matter, any petty bourgeois movement that aspires to achieve a certain delusionary liberal ideal) in general is the ideological crisis it undergoes to take up societal challenges and, in meantime, become a cudgel of destruction to cater the needs of larger players.

For example, the present movement has assumed a certain framework based on a doctors vs public narrative . Take their demands for instance, “to punish the ones who inflicted the violence”. (I have read somewhere that they r taken under control, so, I wonder if it still stands as a demand in first place.)
And to increase security for doctors. Does that mean providing state-security in hospitals? And who do they need security from? Public?

Though I have heard that the doctors resumed their work in Emergency Wards, is it right to subject the public to suffrage.

If their motive is to question the government, they have to be more strategic, in a sensitive way, to address their problems than to punish the public by not doing what they supposed to do.

Doctor’s Movement Vs Corporatization

And then, what about the various other things that are so horribly rotten in health system. There’s a rampant corporatisation of Medicine and the doctors are active participants of this. They actively choose to work in those corporate hospitals, subsequently depriving people of their basic right to health.

There’s a dire lack in the infrastructure in hospitals and is it even a demand?

As much as I understand that we, as individuals, don’t see the patients with a casteist or religious lens (to really mellow it down to not infuriate my medico friends, lol), ain’t casteism and brahminism so normalized in these institutions that they have to consciously diagnosed. What about the death of the doctor who committed suicide in Mumbai? The final mandate of it is that it was a caste murder. But the Medical Council of India still refuses to accept the prospect of caste in these institutions.

To add to all this, it was driven by the basic Islamophobic narratives rendering it a communal issue. What’s a better breeding ground for Sanghis than this?

“Where were these doctors when senior doctors from Chhattisgarh were arrested in Maoist charge just because they dedicated their lives to treat the poor? Where were they when Dr. Kafeel Khan was arrested and Dr. Payal Tadvi was institutionally murdered? Don’t the doctors protest for pro-people, communists, Muslims or Dalits? Are they out and out Brahmanical in their holy practice?” says Neel Kamal

Article By – Rohit, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

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