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J&K Bank chairman sacked – Kashmir Political Parties involved?

J&K Bank chairman

Sacking of J&K Bank chairman is a welcome step provided those who are involved in bungling are brought to book.

Investigating agencies need to dig deep to find out how J&K bank was used by political parties especially since late Mufti Mohammed sayeed took over as the chief Minister of the state for the first time in 2002. The then JK Bank chairman Haseeb drabu’s role also needs investigation. Back door appointments, loot and plunder need to be thoroughly investigated.

J&K Bank chairman not alone

J&K Bank was not the only institution which became causality of loot, plunder and back door appointments but almost all other institutions whether government or semi government departments witnessed same during Late Mufti Mohammed sayeed’s and Mehbooba’s period.

Well deserved and highly qualified candidates ignored and those who paid hefty sums given jobs and other favours. Injustice to qualified and deserving candidates have forced many such boys to join militant ranks too. We have seen in recent past many qualified boys from valley joining militancy.

If Kashmiris have issues with union of India it’s because of a few families who got benefited tremendously on the cost and interests of common Kashmiris. The money which was for the development of state went to a few pockets since 1947 forcing Kashmiris to develop hatred against union of India.

Eruption of militancy was also because of a particular family who rigged 1987 elections against the popular sentiment. This is a golden opportunity for government of India to win hearts of Kashmiris. Provided they dig deep into these irregularities and bring the culprits to face law.

There is an immediate need to have an accountable system in place for the further development of the state.

Let everyone be under scanner when it comes to the execution of developmental projects aimed at development of the state.

Hope we have an accountable and transparent system in place which is able to deliver justice to each and everyone.

Article by – Citizen Reporter Mr L Ali, Srinagar J & K

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