Dramas: Top 5 Must Watch Korean Dramas


K dramas, one of the most trending topic among teens. If you are looking forward to indulge yourself into Korean dramas or even if you are a huge fan of it. There are some K dramas that one should watch.

You all must have already known about the K pop culture and how it’s conquering the world’s maximum population especially the youths.Korean dramas are no back and one of their biggest fan base is from India.

So, here are some really amazing, must watch Korean dramas mentioned below:

1. My Love From The Star : Top most in the highest rating dramas

The drama my love from the star is one of the highest rated Korean drama. Staring Kim Soo-Hyun and Jun Ji-eun as the main lead, the drama was released in the year 2013. It’s a south Korean romantic fantacy television series .

The story is about an alien who landed up on Earth and 400 years later he fell in love with a top actress.How they fell in love. What all odd things they faced and you will come across some really amazing alien facts. The series is really amazing with a lot of comic element in it and is extremely praised by the viewers.

Hence, it’s definitely a must watch and totally worth your time. The drama is also on NETFLIX, viki and viu.

2. W Two Worlds

W is a South Korean television series staring Lee Jong-Suk and Han Hyo-joo. This series was aired in the year 2016. It’s a fantasy, romantic thriller which throbbed a lot of people’s heart. The series received a lot of parsing for it’s content power.

Which was indeed way different than the actual Korean dramas. The idea of this series is taken from a webtoon titled W, which became a best seller in south Korea. The story is about a girl who can enter the comic world. Later you will see how the barrier between the real and comic world gets destroyed and all the comic characters become real.

It has one of the best content and really famous actors. The story is amazing hence leaving not a single point of avoiding this drama. The drama took 13 awards in it’s basket which indeed shows it’s perfection. It’s on NETFLIX,viki and viu hence easily approachable.

3. Legend Of The Blue Sea

Legend Of The Blue Sea is a K drama staring one of the oldest and most praised actors Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-eun. The drama aired in the year 2016-17 and is a romantic fantasy. Can be called as one of the best K drama in it’s genre.

The drama is inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales. The drama is about the love story between a con-artist and a mermaid. You will see how the mermaid traveled across the ocean for many years to find her love, you will also find about their ancient historic love in the earlier life.

It’s a kind of typical korean romantic fantacy drama with great reviews. It won 6 SBS Drama Awards all in different categories and was a great hit. You can easily find this drama on viki and viu.

4. Suspicious partner : Most hilarious of all dramas

Suspicious partner is a K drama staring Ji Chang-Wook and Nam Ji-hyun. It was aired in the year 2017 and is a legal, crime , Romantic- comedy.

The series is about a prosecutor and a prosecutor trainee. And how they work together into a mysterious case with a high risk of their lives. While solving the mystery they fell in love and even come to know how deeply connected their past is.

If you are a huge fan of conundrums, then this drama is made for you. Staring a lovely cast makes it even more yearning. The drama is on NETFLIX, viki and viu.

5. The K2

The K2 is a South Korean television series staring Ji Chang-Wook and Song Yoon-ah. It was aired in the year 2016. It’s based on action, melodrama and politics. It’s one of the most amazing K drama you will ever come across.

The drama is about a former military soldier named K2 who was wrongly accused of his lovers murder in Iraq. He was on run and finds his way back to Korea hiding his identity and was later appointed as a bodyguard of the President’s wife and later on plans to take revenge from her as he believes they have ordered to murder his girlfriend.

Within this whole scenario going on he also fell in love which also gives gig to the drama. This is one of the highest rated K drama and was broadcast ed at an international level in more than 19 countries.

Above all it’s an amazing drama which can’t be missed. You can easily find it on viki and viu.

If you want to know more about Korean dramas do like and comment.

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