Mukesh Ambani: 10 Ridiculously Expensive Things

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, Indian business tycoon and the owner of the reliance group of industries, the richest man in India owns some of the worlds most exquisite entities.

1) Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia:

Worlds most expensive residential property. Built at an approximate cost of $2 billion. Ambani’s residence is an intricate masterpiece. Built in the business capital of India, this massive luxurious residence is the resemblance of the royal and magnificent lifestyle of the Ambanis

2) IPL Team: Mumbai Indians

This IPL franchise was bought by the Reliance group of industries at a whooping $111 Million, making it the most expensive IPL Franchise. This Team has won 4 IPLs till date.

3) Mukesh Ambani has Business Boeing Jet

Mukesh Ambani: Boeing Jet


Mukesh Ambani Owns his personal Boeing jet, with a huge cabin space. It can carry 78 passengers. This private is worth $73 Million.





4) Personal Yacht

Mukesh Ambani: Yacht



This Billionaire has luxury in all means of travel. He owns his personal luxury Yacht. Worth $100 Million, with three decks, piano bar and dining area.



5) Falcon 900 EX

His Elder son, owns a privet jet, The Falcon 900Ex which perfectly define Extravagance.

Mukesh Ambani: Falcon 900EX This Jet can carry almost 20 people and is worth $43 Million.


6) Mukesh Ambani has BMW 760 Li

Mukesh Ambani: BMW

This the costliest car, in India owned by, of course the Richest man of India. This best is not any ordinary car. Worth no less than Rs 8.5 Crore, is customised according to his proud owner. This car is equipped with Z-category security system. Bullet proof windows and fire proof fuel tank are some of the features of this BMW.

7) Rolls Royce Phantom

Mukesh Ambani: Rolls Royce

Another addition to this business giant’s car collection is this Rolls Royce. This beauty, worth Rs 8 Crore, jumps from 0 to 100 Kph in just 5.8 secs.





8) Maybach 62: First owner in India

Can you believe this $1 million car is a gift to his wife. Mukesh Ambani: Maybach 62

A true showcase of how ridiculously rich this man is. This car has a top speed of 250Kph and jumps from 0 to 100kph in 5.4 secs which is crazy.







9) Jio Investment

Apart from all the Luxurious entities, Mukesh Ambani invested a jaw dropping, Rs150,000 Crore, in the Jio Telecom industry. India largest and cheapest user based 4G network which also the fastest growing network in India

10) Hamleys Acquisition by Mukesh Ambani


Last but absolutely not the least. Recently in April, the reliance group of industries acquired the England based company “Hamleys.” which is oldest Toy manufacturing company:  After this deal, Ambani’s were trolled, that her daughter Isha is expecting a child and this is just a baby shower gift to her. Whoooo, if even a percent of it is truth, this man is crazily rich.


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