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Elections and Problems in Kashmir – A beautiful take on things 5/5 (1)


Elections are on and as you all know our politicians have a habit of hitting low’ spreading dirt and hatred. It’s totally different here in Kashmir as the mainstream political parties here always want to take a lead from each other to show India in a bad shape and if India is illegally occupying Kashmir.

From Mehbooba Mufti to Omar Abdullah everyone seems to be always desperate and look for opportunities and reasons to curse union of India.

Mehbooba Mufti is these days beating her chest against the ban on Jaamt e Islami. And she is also concerned as to why forces are conducting raids and searches against the militants.

I have never seen Omar Abdullah stooping so low in all these years. He is continuously getting caught on a wrong foot on a daily basis. If someone has political aspirations and wants to enter field of politics. Then he sees a conspiracy hatched by New Delhi against Kashmir.

Election Rally

In an election rally at south Kashmir he went further low by praising jailed Yeseen Malik for his courage to not to have surrendered before Delhi for the cause of Kashmir. Questions can be asked to Omar Abdullah as to why and under what circumstances did his predecessors in the party surrendered and most importantly for what. What when Delhi threw your autonomy resolution in dustbin which your party passed in assembly when you were having 2/3rd majority in the assembly after 1996.

Kashmiris opted for an armed resistance against India it was because of the mistakes our politicians in the past. We have lost thousands of our people to this present violence which started in the year 1989. For which National conference party and then Indian government were responsible. We wonder and ask; how many more Kashmiris will sacrifice to this vicious circle of violence. Just to win elections and to be in power. Do humans carry any value? Or is this situation of uncertainty to continue, to benefit politically and otherwise. Hope better sense prevails. RIP mentality of selfishness.

The article is by
– L Ali, citizen correspondent from Anantnag/Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

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