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Masood Azhar declared global terrorist – China does not object

Masood Azhar

Finally, it’s Masood Azhar in the kitty. China gave up its objections. It’s a huge diplomatic victory for India. I personally feel that we can effectively fight each and every challenge that our subcontinent is confronting and that will be through economic prosperity only. For India to achieve economic prosperity alone is not only difficult but impossible also. It applies to each and every neighboring country especially Pakistan and China. The way today China showed maturity by not objecting to security council move in declaring Masood Azhar a global terrorist is worth praising.

Opportunities like this should not go in vain and in fact we need to further strengthen our ties with our neighbor’s. It’s imperative for China, Pakistan and every neighboring country to realize that all problems can be effectively taken care be it terrorism, fanaticism, poverty and unemployment. They all can all sort and address this through economic prosperity. Unless and until we don’t make a common agenda to achieve this goal is difficult and impossible. We all need to take care of each other’s concerns. I see a great opportunity of sorting out differences with our neighbor’s only through economic prosperity.

May be a decade or two from now, we may see a different atmosphere in this subcontinent. Where there will be mutual respect and understanding and love for each other. Provided we realize to sort out issues through economic prosperity rather than confrontation on military level.

Hope we understand things in better perspectives.

The article is by
– L Ali, citizen correspondent from Anantnag/Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

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