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Need to exploit environment – Learn before it’s too late

Exploit environment

Need to exploit environment: What is something that most people learn only after it is too late?

When the Earth started shaking, when the sea started flooding, that it when we realized that that the resources we are using in an indefinite manner using are scarce and we are mismanaging those resources against nature. But alas! It was too late. The human beings had been already been engulfed. The nature had taken its revenge.

This is not a hyperbole but a reality that is soon going to be true. The nature has provided us with lots of beneficial gifts for the sustenance of a better life. Air and water are the 2 essential elements of Earth without which the life would cease to exist. Yet, today they are nothing but Global Dustbins.


Human beings cannot create natural resource. Still since many years, natural resources are being exploited by the human beings from the start of civilization, urbanization, technological advancement and industrialization. The increasing needs and greed of ever increasing world population is causing more trees be cut down and animals being butchered which is threatening our entire existence. We care about people around us. We care about things we own. Yet we don’t care about our surroundings. Something where we are living in. While the nations are fighting over the treaties they should sign; the resources are deteriorating day be day. The ‘need’ to exploit environment is not only born out of our greed but a sense of entitlement we have towards nature.

One day the there will be no fuel in the car, no tigers to complete the cycle, nobody to even realize the importance of what we have lost because it is too late

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