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Mumbai Dadar : Women shocked to see as driver unzips his PANTS

mumbai dadar

Mumbai Dadar: A place which is considered safe for women at any hour of the day. Mumbai is a crowded city with a population of 1.84 crores in 2011. But is this city safe anymore ? Find out what happened to a women and her family below.

The incident of Dadar, Mumbai :

A women and her family took a local cab in Mumbai to travel . As soon as they sat in the cab, the driver unzipped his pants to took out his genitals and started objectifying. Scared and horrified to see, women recorded the whole incident and shared the footage on Instagram.

In the footage she  asked the cab driver to stop the cab. Moreover, even after her several attempts the man refused to stop the cab. When she saw Mumbai police she started making noises to grab their attention . When they finally got out of his cab, the driver apologized and blamed his behavior on being poor .”Being poor doesn’t give you right to sexually harass someone”, Debaleena said on instagram.

Even though she has filed an FIR ( First Information Report) the arrest of the man is still pending.

People across the country are supporting her on social media platforms . She is encouraging women to be safe and raise their voice .

I didn’t share this to feel victimized but to make all the women out there feel powerful and raise their voice when & where needed” she added to her caption on the footage.

In a world where women should feel independent , carefree and live their life as they want, they are being harassed every now and then .

Recently Delhi’s Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had proposed a plan where women of Delhi NCR could travel for free in metro and DTC.  But the questions emerging are :

1. What about the safety of women in other cities?

2. Is the cost of travel really a hindrance between women and their safety ?

3. Shouldn’t we focus on eliminating all sort of possible ways which could later give birth to cause of harassment or rape’?

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