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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) – Know what the MADNESS is all About

Female Genital mutilation

Female Genital mutilation

Have you ever visualized living with an unbearable pain & real & cognitive life issues over years? How nerve racking it could be, and yet women from some countries are ongoing this curse.

Let’s see what female genital mutilation (FGM) is & why it’s undertaken in some communities?

According to the study FGM is prevalent in Muslim communities of Malaysia, Indonesia, South Thailand, Singapore, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan some regions of Philippines, Maldives & the Bohra tribe in India is involved in Khatna (FGM). And banned by some countries like UK.

There are different types of FGM in which four types are most common. When the inner labia (the inner lip of vagina & the clitoris is removed).Then it is known as (excision).Only removing the part of clitoris is called as clitoridectomy. When the vaginal opening is sewed together only keeping small hole for urine & mensuration is known as infibulation. FGM done on small girls or infants mostly younger than 15 years of age. This type of surgery done by no doctors or nurses.

Some local women from the head community use some sharp objects like blade, knives, scissors, without applying any anesthesia or antiseptics.
The area where FGM is done is sensitive, the cuts make deep wounds & they remain wet. So, the chances of septic or infections are high. The women suffer overpowering pain during mensuration, irritation while passing urine they feel pain & irritation, problems arise during pregnancy.

This leads to continuous depression, anxiety & sleep disorders.
The sexual life also effected due to FGM. Regular pain creates difficulties during sexual intercourse which results in absence of sexual desire.

This practice followed because the community people this FGM ensures the women’s loyalty towards her husband…By ending her sexual desires …will she be able to feel any intimacy affection towards her husband…

Female Genital mutilation Ban: Some organizations raised voice
  • Stop FGM MIDDLE EAST & Asia.
  • Sahiyo (United Against Female Genital Cutting).
  • No FGM Australia (Protecting girls empowering survivors).

Relating to a story on Female circumcision, I want to divert you towards the seriousness of this matter.

Dahir Noor a man from Somalia allowed FGM surgery of her own daughter. Because of heavy bleeding the girl died during FGM. On that Dahir said to the voice of America organization. “We know the diverse effects of this surgery & there is no such odd thing in it.

The UNICEF study says that 98% of women have undergone FGM surgery in these communities. Dr. Abdirahman Omar Hassan, Dean of Hananowo Hospital in Dhusamareb says “I have not seen such a FGM in my life. Dahir Noor’s daughter brought in my life. Dahir Noor’s daughter brought in the hospital for treatment. A group of doctors trying to save the girl’s life including Abdirahman.

The father although have taken the decision to take this matter forward. So Noor said,” No one is responsible for the death of his daughter. It was all vain said, Hawa Aden Mohammed director of women’s rights activists, (Galokayo education Center for Peace & Development). Because the girls who undergo circumcision cannot be arrested. And even if they arrested, they do not have a strict law that will punish with severe punishment, he told the news agency.

Many surgeries happen every day in Somalia. This is a picture of politicians bugging FGM legal offenses in Somalia. But, if they oppose or ban they fear of losing the voters. This practice linked to the religion. Also forced on girls who oppose this practice.

However, waiting for some solid laws on such a Mischief.

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