Gay and Happy: The coming out culture. What is a Pride parade?


Hey if you are gay then why don’t you come out? You should tell your folks”

Recently there has been a rise of the gay pride parades. It’s a way of telling the world that the existence of queer community matters. It has also given a voice to the queer community to come out. The rise of coming out culture is not wrong. Neither is the principle of intention behind it. It’s our expectation from a person to come out. To think it’s his burden to reveal their orientation. There has also been the rise of beard culture. A beard is a slang used to describe a person who is knowingly or unknowingly living with a person who is contrary to his sexual orientation. This is usually done to conceal ones sexual identity.

So is beard culture regrettable? After all another human being who might have no idea about it is being harmed in the process. So is it the queer community’s fault? The answer is not as simple as Yes
The fact that they did it because it was the society who made it difficult to come out. From our childhood, the first relationship we saw was a hetronomitive romance of our parents. Every thing we are taught was assigned a gender of ‘He’ or ‘She’. A pronoun for third gender never existed. You feel alienated from the surrounding that u live in with nothing to relate your identity to

Unless you ‘come out of the closet’ and tell the world you are assumed to be straight. Everyone is straight until they come out is the notion that prevails in the society. This thinking only highlights the fact that there id still inherent bias in us to consider hetrosexuality normal and any deviation from that, not.

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