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Got 5 votes in spite of 9 members in family, a Punjab Candidate cries.

A Punjab candidate cries after results.
Neetu Shuttern Wala crying in front of the camera.

As the results, of Lok Sabha elections were announced. A candidate from Punjab cries his heart out when he got 5 votes instead of 9 members. On one side, BJP supporters were having a gala time to run the nation for next five years while one candidate faces agony of pain.


The news was flashed through a video where the candidate tells the reporter about his sorrow.

Neetu Shuttern Wala, an independent candidate from Jalandhar stood for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. He is left heartbroken to receive only 5 votes only, as he claims in a video. The video went viral narrating his grief in full length.

In the video, Neetu can be seen his heart crying out not because he lost in elections. But he failed to acquire the votes out of his family members. He is unable to digest the fact that his family members betrayed him. We feel you man, we really do.

He further blames the Electronic voting machines and his family members for his loss. He adds, that the whole colony vowed to vote for him and still he got 5 votes. Adding salt and spice to his wounds, reporter remarks, ‘If your own family members doesn’t support you, how can you expect from others?’

The man got so disheartened that he vowed not to participate in elections ever again.

source: Youtube


Neetu managed to secure 856 votes at the end of the counting day. Before, he could acknowledge this he broke down in front of the camera because of the betrayal. According to the Election Commission of India (ECI) website, he ranked 19th on the constituency list securing 856 votes in total.

However, Social Media has its take on this show.

Though, Neetu couldn’t win the elections but has faced the reality about his family. This news gained media’s attention in very short span of time. Neetu seems to be an object of laughter but is filled with pain.

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