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Surat Coaching Centre Ablaze: 20 killed.

Surat coaching centre

Surat Coaching Centre: Today, a fire broke out in a commercial building in Sarthana area of Surat, Gujarat. 20 feared dead and many more injured. The Coaching class was located on the third floor of the building and videos show student jumping out of the windows escaping the fire. 

Most of the children ranged between the age of 14 to 17. Disturbing videos are uploaded wherein children are seen jumping off the ablaze building. Police officials say that the death toll may rise.

People all over criticise the weak fire detection and control systems being installed in huge commercial buildings. Also, Politicians across the country took over to social media offering their condolences to the parents of the dead.


Surat Coaching Centre

Chief minister of Gujarat has ordered for a detailed investigation of the incident and the state Government has promised a support of Rs 4 Lakhs to the family of the affected individual. However, the country is praying and offering its condolences to the family of the children.

Fire Security one of the biggest neglected concern and the reason of huge number of deaths in India. People in Gujarat call this day as black day for their state as they lost such precious little lives for no reasons.

Young minds who did not get a chance to a better life. Young minds who had potential to be something. They could have been engineers, doctors, even Prime Minister of a country. Who could have been the pioneers in their chosen fields. Little lives left a little soon than they should have.

Such tragedies make one lose faith in the bigger scheme of things. But at the same time gives us opportunities to better ourselves. Better the condition of the communities. To provide safety. To provide security in terms of jobs, protection, livelihood.

We are a country with large population. But, we are not expendables.

Also, do let us know in comments about your views on Surat Coaching centre tragedy and what we should do?

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