Gujarat LADY Cop Suspended Because Of Filming TIK TOK On Duty

Cop suspended due to filming video on Tik Tok, on duty.
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With the growing popularity of the TikTok app, people are investing their time in this form of entertainment. Eventually, Gujarat policewoman suspended after a video of her dancing to a Bollywood song on Tik Tok went viral. 

Young Gujarat Cop Suspended:-

Though the suspension happens to be on Wednesday. After Arpita Chaudhary, a Lok Sabha Dal recruit was dancing on the tunes of a Bollywood number on duty. Eventually, in the video, she was seen dancing in front of the lock-up of Langhanj police station in Mehsana district.

In the video, Chaudhary is in pink shirt paired with blue jeans. Singing and dancing while filming a song from Salman Khan’s movie named Kick.

Talking about the background, recruited to LRD in 2016 Chaudhary was transferred to Mehsana district in 2018. Here, is the TikTok video of the young cop:

Social media users acted sharply against the informal attitude of the cop. Some of the users even called her “Lady Dabangg”.

Filming leads to Suspension:-

Hence, bringing this issue in the notice, the Deputy Superintendent said,

“Chaudhary has violated the rules and she was in the uniform on duty. Secondly, she shot a video of herself inside the Laghangj village police station. Police personnel should follow discipline, while she has not done and hence, suspended.”

Manjitha Vanzara, The Deputy Superintendent said that Chaudhary shot the video on July 20th. However, the short video circulated on social media platforms and Whatsapp.

Many incidents like these have surfaced recently. In Odisha 4 nurses were giving notice while filming a Tik Tok video in Special Neonatal Care Unit (SNCU) in the hospital. However, the video circulated where nurses were singing and dancing. Besides, 4 women were in their uniforms which made them slap with an official notice from hospital headquarters.

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