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Tigress killed by the villagers for revenge in INDIA 4.83/5 (6)


Tigress ‘s death: We are human beings and human’s are considered to be most developed. Than other living species in every way. We possess humanity and have emotions.

But as it’s said with time things fade away. And it’s the reality after living in a world growing so fast. We have somewhere forgot our emotions, sentiments that makes us human.

Recently a 2 minute video from Uttar-Pradesh’s Pilibhit district. Shows an adult tigress being beaten relentlessly with sticks. By the people this week. Has gone viral fueling widespread outrage of many.

The video is very disturbing and clearly showcases the inhumanity of us the speaking animals. The incident took place under a protected zone of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. About 240 km from state capital Lucknow. The mobile video was shot by the resident of Mataina village on Wednesday afternoon.

The video captures the assault of the villagers. Above all it has a background commentary by a witness. Who says they are assaulting the tigress because she had attacked and injured a villager in the morning.

The tigress was around 6 years old who died of broken ribs and severe injuries to her body. The tigress was cremated after a post mortem. Local forest officials have registered a FIR against the 31 identified villagers. Four of them has been already arrested.

Tigress died as we showcased our superiority by killing her

“She had sustained fractures and injuries from sharp-edged weapons like spears. On almost every part of her body. She also had broken ribs.” Pilibhit Tiger Reserve field director H Rajamohan said.

Certainly forest department team reached the spot right after the assault. But the angry villagers even assaulted them. And did not let the tigress be taken to hospital. Till she died.

“A forest team did reach the spot but by that time. The tigress was in so much pain that even an attempt to tranquilize her. Would have added to her plight.” Pilibhit District Magistrate Vaibhav Shrivastava told on the incident.

Now A magisterial inquiry will inquest. Whether sincere efforts were actually made. By the forest officials to rescue the tigress on the spot.

The Pilibhit district and Pilibhit Tiger Reserve have witnessed deaths of as many as 16 tigers and 3 leopards. Within the jungle and its surroundings since 2012, IANS reported.

An official statement is also made that the villagers were already warned. Not to disturb the lives of wild animals and the natural habitat. But on Wednesday, a man disregarded the advisory and went close to the tigress and was attacked.

Most of the deaths of wild animals were caused by poisoning, snaring, affliction. With contagious ailments like canine distemper. While only a few were due to infighting.

Can a life be saved

“The tigress could have been rescued and given timely medical aid. As the forest officials had reached the spot. But their inability to rescue the injured big cat in a span of over nine hours. Undoubtedly reflects their inability in protecting wildlife in adverse situations.” said Former field director of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve GC Misra.

Wednesday’s incident was the first in which an adult tigress was beaten to death. By villagers in the district. So, we all know that the villagers are wrong. But should we blame the forest rescue team equally.

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