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Pregnant Jharkhand Woman On Bike Reaches Hospital After Being Denied Ambulance.

Pregnant Jharkhand woman on bike reaches hospital when denied Ambulance.
source: Scroll.in

In a case of total carelessness and shame, a pregnant woman named Shruti Devi was forced to travel on bike. Eventually, with all her braveness and energy pregnant Jharkhand woman on bike reaches the hospital.

Pregnant Jharkhand Woman On Bike:-

In her unconscious state, she was bought to the Chandwa Community Health Centre (CHC) by her family. 30-year-old Shanti Devi was denied of the ambulance service. Hence, this forced her and her family to travel a distance of 10 Kilometer by bike. This did not end here, the CHC referred Shanti Devi to theĀ Latehar Sardar Hospital, as the doctors again referred her to a Ranchi hospital. But this time, she was admitted there.

Risking Lives:-

For the first time, the doctors gained their consciousness but ignored Shanti’s situation. The way the doctors were referring Shanti from one place to another has failed humanity. Her husband Ganjhu Yadav said,

We tried to arrange for an ambulance to bring her to Chandwa CHC, but the latter did not provide us the same. We also called the 108 helpline number, but all in vain. Finally, we had no option but to carry her on a bike as her condition was deteriorating,

Ayub Khan, CPM leader, and the social worker said, First she was denied an ambulance, then the doctors refused to transfuse blood at Sadar Hospital, despite the Latehar deputy commissioner’s intervention. The doctors actually played with her life by dillydallying her treatment. This is a shame on government health machinery,

Civil surgeon of Latehar Hospital also commented “We have one ambulance of CHC and one with 108. In addition, there is Mamta Vahan for the pregnant woman. Despite that, she did not get an ambulance and this is not at all acceptable. I have already ordered a probe.”


It is so hurtful and sad to hear news where a pregnant woman in her conscious state is denied ambulance. Being a woman isn’t easy and above all, carrying a life inside us is not funny. To conclude, doctors are lifesavers but here they are busy playing with lives.

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