Haryana School Made Sit-Ups Mandatory As A Chance To Improve Brain Power Of Students.

 School Made Sit-ups Mandatory:

Academic standards are being boosted in Delhi and its government schools are in news for making certain improvements. There are government schools which have installed projectors and multi-media boards. Hence, Haryana school made sit-ups mandatory, claiming to improve the brain power of students.

Haryana Schools Makes Sit-Ups Mandatory
source: Yahoo News

According to officials, the compulsory task will be performed daily. Describing this unique yet compulsory task as “Super Yoga for brain”. Eventually, Board Secretary Rajeev Prasad told that the students of Sarvepalli ¬†Radhakrishnan School in Bhiwani will take part in the pilot project. In the pilot project, daily sit-ups will start from July 8, the first day after their summer vacations.

Rajeev Thinks It Is Super Yoga For Brain.
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The Super Yoga Plan:-

The students need to perform 14 sit-ups daily. Now, our parents will eventually scold us when they will hear about these brave kids. In order to, sharpen their brain and improve memory these students need to perform this task. Incorporating Yoga as an excuse, Prasad said that earlier teachers use to punish students by making them do sit-ups. He adds,

When other countries can use this technique to boost the brain power of their students, why can’t it be done in our own country.

In fact, the students have to do it crossed arm and hands while holding their earlobes. It also suggests it will activate their acupressure points.

If the project is successful, the same will be recommended to other schools by the state education department. Will be conducted scientifically under the supervision of National Brain Research. It is important for the students to do 14 sit-ups without any fail. Observation and examination is periodical. Honestly, I am so thankful for graduating high school.

Because “Yoga se Hoga”:-

While keeping in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to promote Yoga for a healthy lifestyle. This school made sit-ups mandatory for the students. Though the project seems beneficial for young minds, what about their health?

source: Onlymyhealth

Doing 14 sit-ups a day is a difficult task.

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