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How Cyclone Fani Eradicated Odisha’s life ?

cyclone fani

Cyclone Fani : The eastern India has been hit severely by a cyclone called Fani on May 03 2019. It is considered as one of the strongest of it’s own kind that has hit India since the last 20 years. The mighty winds have blew away rooftops and uprooted thousand of trees . In addition to this, Fani has damaged electric poles and lines making the situation worse for the people living there.

Fani continuously monitored since it’s inception in Sri Lanka . Warnings have been issued every now and then to fishermen and people living in coastal areas.

How has Odisha affected by Fani:

Odisha is considered as the most affected state of India which has been almost collapsed by the cyclone. But due to it’s pre management and preparation , Odisha has been successful in keeping the loss of lives to it’s minimum. The state government has launched massive help to lakhs of people . Furthermore there districts present in the remotest areas which made access to them difficult for the rescue team. One has to first travel by road and then undertake hours of boat journey.

When the cyclone warning came in the last week of April, people have made arrangements stocked there pantries with food and other basic necessities . But soon their stocks exhausted and the immediate demand for food became a hindrance for the government . The winds blew away the rooftops and people find it difficult to survive such harsh conditions under the fiery sun.

Apart from struggling for food and adequate water, people can be seen striving for rooftops while their belongings were drenching in water. The challenge of restoring as much as possible for a population of 1.37 crores is humongous.

Wildlife affected by Cyclone Fani :

The severity of cyclone has destroyed nearly 55 lakh trees in the region. Most of them either uprooted of snapped. As a result , hundreds of homeless monkeys and other animals have entered into residential space.

“The Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary has nearly had any tree left un impacted by the cyclone” wildlife officials said. The sanctuary was home to spotted deer , striped hyenas wolves and many other animals. The officials have also stated that no carcass of any animal has spotted til now. It is almost unimaginable how animals would have escaped the intensity of cyclone.

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