World Crisis

I don’t care if you love Trump

I don't care if you love Trump

I don’t care if you love Trump.

I don’t care if you supported Obama.

It doesn’t phase me what color you are.

I don’t care if you believe in the Illuminati, or if there are aliens on the other side of the moon.

All I know is, people traveled to distant lands with the intent on coming right back to live long, prosperous lives………

And never came home.

Not every soldier that dies, will give their life on the battlefield.

Some will give a foot, a leg, a hand, an arm. Some will give their health, their sight, their hearing. Others will give up sleep for restless nightmares. Some have unknowingly traded sanity for screaming.

Not all soldiers die on the battlefield, many came back only to die in little bits and pieces until there is nothing left of themselves. Others are taking their own life…… a rate of 22 each day.

Some gave all, but for sure……..ALL gave something.

You would do well this weekend, while you’re stuffing yourself with brats and beer, to remember that nobody comes home from war whole.

Putting all the politically divisive bullshit aside, it’s ok for decent human beings to mourn the loss of other human beings.

So, I repeat again and again. I don’t care if you love Trump or Obama or who ever it is that you idolize as your political leader. But, these brave souls have given it all or at the least gave something. Which is more than what one could ask for.

Show our respect for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country and protecting our freedom. We remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and commemorate their courage, commitment and service to our country.

So, Thank you to all those who gave their life in service…….to those who never made it home.

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