Excess baggage: Man wears 15 shirts – Hilarious Tweets 5/5 (2)


Excess Baggage hack : A really hilarious incident happened recently at the Nice airport in France. Looks like paying extra for excess luggage is not the only option. One can use their crazy brain and avid it easily. Now we even have some really great people inspiring many.

Remember the Manchester woman, 30 year old, Natalie Wynn. Who wore seven dresses and two shorts to avoid paying excess baggage fine.

Seems like she has inspired many other with her full proof plan. As recently a man from Glasgow, John Irvine travelling with his family Edinburgh. Certainly did the same thing at the check-in to avoid paying extra bucks.

Seemingly, when John and his family arrived at the airport in France. They were notified that their luggage was heavy.

As John and his family were flying to Edinburgh. And their baggage was over the weight limit by eight kilos. After which John started wearing clothes from the bag to reduce the baggage weight.

The video of this rib-tickling was posted on twitter by John’s own son Josh Irvine. And has gone viral on internet.

Josh then tweeted a series of Snapchat videos saying, “Suitcase was over the weight limit in the airport so ma Da whipped oot aboot 15 shirts n wacked everyone of them on to make the weight.”

Above all Josh even captioned the video of his father wearing extra layers of clothing as  “absolutely bloody roasting”.

In the video, John can be seen putting all 15 shirts one above the other. The hilarious incident has certainly left people uproarious.

The video has already got above 35 K likes and above 4 thousand retweets.

Consequently even Twitter has some really hysterical reactions on managing excess baggage  :


We don’t know how much extra baggage charge Josh was avoiding to pay but the way he avoided it is remarkable. But earlier Natalie Wynn managed to avoid Rs. 6000 approximately.

The whole incident was hilarious and remarkable. Also seems like it might have inspired many more around the world to adapt this amazing way for avoiding the extra charge.

Above all, This incident has definetely reminded most of you. Of Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes in the hit TV Show, Friends.

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