Indian Tourist Caught On Camera While Climbing A Shrine In Bhutan

Indian tourist climbs sacred stupa.
source: Hindustan Times

Indian Tourist Climbs Stupa:

Bhutan situated in the Himalayas’ eastern edge is a beautiful country. It has become an apple of the eye for various tourists because of its wide stretched landscapes, monasteries and valley. However, like any other country, Bhutan has certain rules to be followed. Violation in these laws causes widespread anger in locals as it hurts their sentiments. Though a report filed against an Indian tourist in an attempt of climbing a sacred stupa is an act of embarrassment for Indians.


source: The Financial Express

Abhijit Ratan Hajare who hails from Maharashtra visited Bhutan as a part of 15 member group of bikers. However, while exploring the beautiful country they stopped at the Dochula Pass. Although this incident took place when the group was searching for parking space. This was when Abhijit decided to climb chorten, which is the Buddhist religious monument. This place holds great religious value as Bhutanese believe it symbolises the presence of Buddha.

source: North Bengal Tourism

Viral Video Of Indian Tourist:

A video widely shared on social media. In the video, Hajare climbs at the top of National Memorial Chorten which is 20 Km from the capital Thimpu. Nevertheless, Hazare used a ladder to climb and posted photos of his “adventurous act”. Jambhay, the Bhutanese carpenter helped him to climb.

Undoubtedly on Friday, he was detained. Apparently he was also accompanied by a local assistant and the Bhutanese leader has no information about this, as he confirms.

Social Media Outrages:

As soon as the news spread, social media got flooded with anger.


Travelling to different countries is a whole lot of experience. But every tourist should understand there are certain rules that are prescribed by every country. Defying these rules just because one wants to have fun or do something adventurous makes the person look completely stupid. In this case, even the carpenter allowed the tourist to do so which is completely shocking. One carries the pride of one’s own country while travelling to other countries. Hence, don’t make it an object of mockery for others.


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