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Japan: Alfa-X Bullet Train next generation hits 400 Kph

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Japan: Alfa-X Bullet Train next generation super speedy bullet train The Alfa-X went through a testing this Friday. The Train hits a record breaking speed of 400 Kph, but will carry passengers at 360 Kph(22mph). The train, reported to hit on rails in the year 2030. But before this happens, it has to undergo years of testing. Making nighttime runs to and fro the cities of Aomori and Sendai.

The Train, designed with a 72 foot long aerodynamic nose to cope up with this high speed. As a result of which, it also reduce the noise that the train makes specially through the tunnels also minimises preasure. Special braking mechanism includes roof mounted air brakes and magnetic plates.

Japan: Alfa-X Bullet Train

Although Alfa-X, Set to be the fastest bullet train in the world. But it won’t be the fastest one theoretically. The title currently belongs to the Shanghai maglev train in china. That hovers above magnetic rails at a speed of 431 Kph. Bloomberg notes that Japan is itself going to start its own maglev train, to run at a speed of 505 kph between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027.

In 2020, at the time of Tokyo Olympics, Japan plans to introduce “a new Supreme version of its existing Shinkansen bullet trains”. The train will run at the same speed of 186kph as the existing bullet trains, however it will be lighter and more energy efficient. It should be more comfortable with extra legroom.

In conclusion, due you think such crazy speeds are safe?

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