We the North are now We the Champs! Raptors NBA Champs

we the north

We the North: The Raptors have made history, beating the Warriors 114-110 in Game 6 to secure their first NBA title. 24 years in the making and the Toronto Raptors made history tonight. first win in franchise history.

Toronto were the right time right place team. Warriors blew an engine, tires low running with sugar in the tank.

Despondent Warriors fans not ready to say goodbye to Oracle Arena and this season still in stands as Raptors about to celebrate title with their fans chanting, “We The North.”

Kyle Lowry: 26 PTS, 4 3PT, 10 AST

Pascal Siakam: 26 PTS, 3 3PT, 10 REB

Fred VanVleet: 22 PTS, 5 3PT

Kawhi Leonard: 22 PTS, 6 REB, 3 AST

Serge Ibaka: 15 PTS, 3 REB

Kawhi Leonard won his second NBA Championship & his second NBAFinals MVP Award. But, with two different teams. different coaches. different schemes. different cities. So, kawhi is the truth.

Love how everyone in Toronto came together to cheer for the @Raptors, regardless of our race and religion. Sports are the great equalizers.

The hallways in schools earlier were filled with much joy and excitement as these Kinders paraded their personal Raptors’ jerseys, banners and posters! Some students even wrote ‘pray for the raptors to win’ as their homework in their agendas.

fans are delirious in the final moments of the game when Toronto – and Canada – made history

I hope people see why Canada is so special

Proud to be Canadian and celebrate the Raptors making history tonight

In conclusion, did you enjoy the game. Also, did you enjoy the series. So, do let us know in your comments below.

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