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Job Seeker refuses 1,100,000 job – Know the reason Why?

job seeker

Job Seeker: What is your current salary?

“It is 350,000 INR” What are you expecting?

“I have an offer of 800,000 INR I am looking for 1,100,000 INR”

He was a full stack developer with 2 yrs experience

We asked him “Are you serious to join? Why do you NOT want to join this company?”

He said the role was not good, company was not good, he promised he will join in 2 months & the company offered him 1,100,000 INR, he formally accepted the offer

On the day of joining he called and said “Sorry I cant join I got a better offer of 1,300,000 INR”

There are 2 parts of this story

1. This is the reality of the Indian job market On one hand there are people going around with multiple offers. On the other hand there are millions sitting jobless

2. Values & ethics were not taught in our schools/colleges but also not taught at our home too.

Greed is at play here clearly. Wonder what kind of a leader will this person become?

What are your thoughts?

Is it ok to accept an offer and then back off?

Are values & ethics not taught to us at home?

Is lying ok in a professional context?

Is this reflective of the society we live in?

P.S: We have seen this happening frequently in the last few months

-By Sandeep Kochar

Job Seeker

A response to such a situation by a reader as below:

Kudos to the job seeker. He must be very good.

How is it relevant that he has 2 years of experience? Talent and skill are not necessarily a directly proportional function of experience. If he is successfully offer-shopping and being offered progressively more valuable offers, more power to him. It is a market, where the highest bidder wins. This is a question of profits, and every enterprising individual must seek the highest value.

It is not a question of ethics at all. Companies must stop trying to conveniently guilt employees and potential employees.

Companies conveniently fire even the best and most loyal of employees in the name of cost-cutting for profits, so why cry foul when they have to taste their own bitter medicine?

If they really wanted the the person to join, why did they base-line the previously drawn salary, or offer held? Why not offer the potential candidate, on merit and worth to begin with?

With CEOs and Boards and Senior Management committing frauds in the billions, it is really rich to expect the “simple Joe” to be “ethical” says Sumeet Kabra

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