UP Electricity Board Issues Rs.128 crore Bill To An Elderly Man For Using Two Bulbs And A Fan.

Rs.128 Crore Electricity Bill to a resident of Chamri village, Hapur.
source: NewsX

In this scorching heat, everyone wants to stay cool. This is the reason why in the summer season the electricity bill gains new heights. But have you ever wondered, what might be the bill for using 2 fans and a few bulbs? Its 128 crore rupees. Yes, you heard that right.

Rs. 128 Crore Bill Issued:-


The power department of UP has given a shock to an elderly couple. The elderly couple is a resident of  Hapur district. Shamim a septuagenarian has been issued an electricity bill of Rs.128 crore or Rs.1,28,45,95,444 to be precise. Shamim stays with his wife in Chamri village in Hapur. However, such a bill amount must be a technical error well, thinking about the same, Shamim went to the department to rectify the error. Surprisingly, department officials told him to pay the bill or else he will have to live without electricity.

Shamim was deeply depressed about the situation and said,

“No one listens to our pleas, how we will submit that amount? When we went to complain about it, we were told that they will not resume our electricity supply.”

Earlier Shamim told that his electricity bill goes up to 700 -800 rupees. He also added, “But this time they have given me the bill of the entire city.” 

“It Must Be A Technical Error”:-

Followed by a tweet, in response to this complaint an Assistant  Electrical Engineer reacted by saying “it must be a technical error”. The Assistant Electrical Engineer, Ram Sharan finally found the error.

In addition to this, when the news reached in Power Department of Lucknow. The senior Officials told that this issue was not addressed earlier because they were not aware of the state. Now, the bill has been rectified and came out to be Rs.3136. Managing director, Ashutosh Niranjan said,

“It was inadvertently done by the subdivisional power officer. Instead of the amount, she entered the identification number of the consumer.”

Well, one thing that strikes us now, Is it really hard to listen to someone at the time of hour?

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