Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Recalled When Asbestos Was Found In 33K Bottles.

source: ABC News

Remembering the time when Johnson & Johnson baby powder was the most acceptable product in the commercial market. However, the health giant Johnson & Johnson has recalled 33,000 talc bottles in which Asbestos was found in the US. As soon as the news, spread to the ears of the worldwide users the seed of doubt was planted.

Johnson & Johnson baby powder contains Asbestos.
source: BBC

This was when the heath agents found the traces of Asbestos online. The Government officials have strictly told the people to avoid the use of the baby powder of the batch, #22318RB. 

source: BioSpace

In their defence, J&J has also launched a review regarding their product safety.  Eventually when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found the traces of Asbestos in the sample. Though the real question was how and when did it become contaminated. However, J&J said that they are working with the FDA to find what went wrong. The company also issued a statement regarding this failure,

“Thousands of tests over the past 40 years repeatedly confirm that our talc products do not contain Asbestos.”

The FDA is busy testing dozens of tests of the samples for asbestos, a carcinogen which has caused tension among the general public. They said that they were no reports if the product was contaminated or has been purposely contaminated. The FDA has requested the customers with batch, #223218RB to claim the refund from J&J.

Johnson & Johnson Faces Lawsuits:

The latest bad news for the company along with the trace of asbestos. It also contains opioids and vaginal mesh. J&J is facing a lawsuit for billions of dollar for its products. Nevertheless, the company is facing 15,000 lawsuits from the consumers claiming that their product was contaminated by asbestos. The consumers also reported that using this product has caused cancer to their babies.

However, we all stand by the people at this moment for an hour for JUSTICE.

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