Your Lie In April- An Anime Review – Must watch Japanese Manga series

your lie in April

Your Lie in April: For all those ardent anime lovers out there, here’s a must-watch for you. A Japanese Manga series- Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (‘Your Lie In April’ in English) is an anime that will take you through an emotional rollercoaster. The story revolves around a boy, our protagonist, a musical prodigy in playing the piano who loses his ability to hear the sound of it, as a result of his mother’s death taking a toll on him.

Two years after he stops playing the piano, he meets this young, maverick girl who also happens to be a violinist with a raving playstyle who is here to change our hero’s life in ways you least predict it.

She turns his life around by helping him get away from the strict and monotonous way of playing the violin and imparts a free and heart-felt tint to his playstyle.

What’s next to come? Just like all evil twists to a story, we learn that our girl is diagnosed with an illness that’s taking her life away. Oops!


Your Lie in April

Now I am not going to spoil the rest of the series for you. Watch it yourself, for an experience of a lifetime.

Also, the rest of this teen-drama revolves around the story behind her encounter with the protagonist, the reason behind her free-spirited playstyle that sweeps people off their feet and a plot-twisting love story. Ultimately, after episodes of heart-touching, emotional journey through the story, this movie leaves us with an urge to live our lives to the fullest, realizing the fact that we mean the world to someone and that our presence does make a difference in somebody’s life. What’s more impulsive in getting us to be the best version of ourselves?

On the whole, this series will leave you longing for more. Oh, and make sure you carry enough tissues because it’s one hell-of-a tear-jerky ride.

Sayo nara!



So, do watch it. But, let us know what you thought about it. Also, it’s Anime and not Cartoon!

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