Justin Bieber Wants Tom Cruise in the Boxing ring!

Justib Bieber to fight Tom Cruise in a UFC match

The famous star Justin Bieber who got fame at a pretty young age, and receives millions of applauds on his records, now wants a boxing match.

That is true. It’s no hoax. Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise in a UFC ring in his recent tweet about a bout between the two megastars. The reason is still unknown as to what on earth happened that JB is challenging to fight the guy who does not use a stunt double in his movies like Mission Impossible.

The 25-year-old challenging 56 years old seems one-sided. But when the old man is Tom Cruise, you can’t guess what he has up his sleeves. We’ll find that out in the UFC ring, that is, if Tom Cruise happens to accept the challenge for god knows what reason. One reason could be that Justin Bieber said, “If you don’t accept my challenge to a UFC match, you’re scared!”

A thing came up in my mind. Why didn’t JB phoned Tom Cruise for a match and instead used Twitter to challenge Tom Cruise to a fight…?

Former UFC champ Conor McGregor didn’t hold back and said that, if Tom Cruise accepts the challenge he’ll happily provide his company’s services to host the fight between the two.

Tom Cruise might get a reminder of the prospect by his agent sooner or later.

Let’s see what Tom Cruise replies.

So, who do you think will win the match, if these two stars were to really get into the ring?

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