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Noblemen : Another Face Of Educational Institutions

Noblemen : Bullying one of the major cases of suicide cases in our country. This unhealthy inhumane practice followed almost in every institution is a real red mark for society. Above all students having a such a hige desire to harm their school mates is a true disgrace.

Above all it leads to a really bad mental health of the one facing it as well as the one commencing it. With a really great initiative Bollywood has finally come up to point out this issue. With the medium of the movie Noblemen. Releasing on 24th June 2019.

Certainly after a huge range of movies, Showing rather molding schools as cool as possible like Mohabbatein and student of the year. It’s really good to know that the directors are not really trying very hard to make the school look cool. And focusing more towards the real side.


The Noblemen is a psychological drama staring Kunal Kapoor. This film aims at the severe issue of bullying in schools and colleges and how to tackle it. Hence, You will also see how bullying can lead to something really disastrous and affects ones mentality.

The film stars Ali Haji, Mohammad Ali Mir, Muskaan Jaferi, Shaan Grover and Soni Razdan in a vital role.

Nobelmen’s trailer shows some assertive young talent. The protagonist of this film is played by Haji Ali. Ali played the role of Amir Khan and Kajol’s son in the movie Fanna 13 years ago. One can see his natural-born acting talent in the trailer with his terrific acting skills.

The movie director Vandana Kataria is known for her notable work as an art director in several films of Dibakar Bannerjee. Certainly this is again a beautiful piece of  art directed by her. Viewing the trailer one can hope for a really beautiful movie, balanced in all ways. Hopefully Noblemen will reach the standards.

Tough it’s a small film and won’t be releasing nationwide but it does make a big point.

The trailer is linked below:


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