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Kathua Rape case : Accused are finally convicted – Justice Done

kathua rape

The incident:

Kathua : The Kathua rape case involves abduction , murder and rape of an 8 year old girl. The girl went missing exactly a week ago after her disfigured dead body was found by the villagers. The victim belong to nomad bakarwal community of Rasana village near Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir. The forensic reports claim that the victim drugged and raped several times . At last she was hit hard or her head which caused her death. The chargesheet filed by a Senior Superintendent of Police of Jammu, states that on 12 January 2018, Mohammad Yusuf (father of victim) lodged a complaint in Hiranagar police station . It states that the victim had went to watch over the grazing horses and has not returned with them.

The accused in Kathua case :

The place where the incident happened was a Hindu worship place called devasthan . The main priest of Devasthan, Sanji Ram found as the main accused in the case. His own son and his nephew ( who is a minor) was also involved with him. The other conspirators are 2 policemen Deepak Khajuria and Parvesh Kumar , Tilak Raj, head constable and Arvind Dutta, sub Inspector. The news of this insanity    widespread support with protesters demanding condemnation .

This incident has also taken turn to a more of communal tension. It resulted in widespread anger in the entire nation.The bakarwals are minority Muslim community living in Hindu dominated Kathua district. Consequently, believed that the abduction of the victim took place as a planned attempt against the minority community.

Trails and final judgements :

The trail for Kathua case began in Jammu and Kashmir on 16 April 2018 before the Sessions Judge court in Kathua. The second hearing presumably bound for 28 April 2018. On 7 May 2018, the Supreme Court of India shifted the case from Jammu and Kashmir to Pathankot . Furthermore, the court instructed the trail to conduct in fast-track. Due to the autonomous state of J&K, the trail took place under Ranbir Penal Code of Jammu and Kashmir instead of IPC of India.

After the final trails toook place ,the Pathankot court gave it’s final judgements on 10 June 2019 . Three of the accused Sanjhi Ram, Deepak Khajuria and Parvesh Kumar convicted and sentenced to 25 years of prison and fined 1 Lakh rupees each. The other three accused, Anand Dutta, Tilak Raj and Surender Verma also found guilty and sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment . The seventh accused Vishal Jangotra acquitted of all charges.

The final verdict of court had taken all over the internet with people expressing their anger due to dissatisfaction :

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