Mallya: Trolled At India Australia Match 4.63/5 (8)


Former Kingfisher airline owner Vijay Mallya , trolled unsparingly at The Oval Stadium in London yesterday. The businessmen was subjected to cries of “chor hai” while watching the cricket world cup match between India and Australia.

The former kingfisher airline boss is facing repatriation to India. Where he is wanted on charges of fraud and money laundering.

After the whole accusation matter took place. Mallya was asked to respond on the cries. Thus, he quoted ” I am making sure my mother doesn’t get hurt.”

In the video, Mr. Mallya was seen surrounded by a small group of people. Pushing and screaming “chor hai”. At one point a shout of ” be a man apologies to your country” is heard. However, over it Mr. Mallaya’s response was muffled.

Later on he told ANI news agency “I am here to watch the game.” Further he quoted ” preparations are underway for the next hearing scheduled in July.”

Mr. Vijay Mallya also posted a photo of himself and his son, Siddharth Mallya, from inside the stadium and captioned – “Great to watch cricket with my son and even sweeter to see India’s emphatic victory over Australia. Congratulations to Virat Kohli and his team.”

This is not the first time Mallya has been attacked and trolled at a cricket match. A similar event has happened in January 2017, at champions trophy cricket match.

Vijay Mallya on returning money to the Indian Banks

Vijay Mallya, who left India on March 2, 2016 denied on fleeing back to the country but above all said that he is ready to pay back the money he owes to Indian Banks.

Rather, on him claiming about returning all the money of Indian banks. Diverse opinion of the people has been observed. What do you think about the whole situation. Do comment.

Certainly after watching this, one can only quote that evil leads to evil. Above all walking on a corrupted can never bring up respect.


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