Kenya MP Returns After 30 Years To Repay The Debt Of Rs.200 To Indian Grocer.

Kenya MP, travels from Kenya to Aurangabad to repay the debt of Rs. 200.
source: DNA India

Richard Tong’ i, a Kenyan national and an MP from the Kenyan Constituency of Nyari Chache returned India after 30 years to repay the debt Rs.200.

Repay the Debt:-

Dated back to the time when Richard was a college student in Aurangabad college from 1985-89. Richard was a student of management studies. When he decided to return to his homeland, he took a debt of Rs. 200 from an Aurangabad grocer. S K Gawli, who used to run a grocery shop at Wankhedenagar locality where Richard use to say. We are often taught to help others who are in need and never forget the one who stood for us. Tong’ i even after going to his homeland came back to India to pay his debt of Rs. 200.

Repay the debt of Rs. 200

 An Act Of Kindness Yet Memorable Incident:-

Gwali couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Richard at his doorstep. Richard visited  Aurangabad with his wife, Michelle. Gawli shares his excitement which had no bounds when he heard he was arriving on Monday, last week. Gwali said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes”.

Richard and Gawli were caught up in an emotional moment. Richard started crying while seeing his old friend, who is from another part of the Mother Earth. Thinking about the tough times, Richard also told how Gawli helped him. It is not the sum of money but a gesture of humanity is served.

“As a student in Aurangabad, I was at the lowest point, when these people helped me. Then I thought that some I will come back and (re) pay. I want to say thank you. They wanted to take me to a hotel for a meal but I insisted that we should eat at their house.”

With family
source: Zee News
source: Khas Khabar

Richard went down to memory lane where the tough time was recalled but the act of kindness of  Gawli was always remembered. This visit was not to repay the debt but to visit an old friend.

Such acts bring a bright smile on our face making us believe that humanity still exists. Well, what do you think about this act? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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