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America blacklists 3 China AI unicorns over treatment Uighur Muslims

Uighur Muslims

Uighur Muslims:

America blacklisted three AI unicorns from China, two of which are all set for an IPO. The DoC cited human rights violations, specifically abetting in the persecution of the Uighur minority in China (among others). All three unicorns were named in an NYT report on facial recognition being used to track Uighur people in Xinjiang.

US now blacklisting 8 Chinese tech companies over treatment Uighur muslims. ‬Decent bet this week’s US-China talks cancelled. Either way, there’s no progress coming.‬

The US gov’t finally decides to take a stand against human rights abuses in Xinjiang, blacklisting companies who’ve had a hand in the horrifying re-education camps and detention centers holding nearly 1 million Muslims. While this appears to be a strategic move in Trump’s trade war (with a PR-friendly, pro-democracy justification), it seems likely more steps will follow to stop China’s human rights abuses at the source: their corporation’s wallets and the nation’s security apparatus. Personally, I can’t help but feel this latest move the most well thought out of the presidency so far (relatively speaking). What are your thoughts? For many, this may be the first time you’ve hard about China’s detention centers targeting Uighur Muslims. You’re not alone, but it’s time to speak up.

Trade war over Uighur Muslims

Its more than Tariffs we should be paying attention to. The blacklisted companies include Hikvision and Dahua, both of which are global providers of video surveillance & facial biometric technology

This is a significant development in this ongoing tech war. Perhaps one of the most consequential so far given the mostly AI nature of the firms targeted.

Technology is no longer a gadget that lawyers and politicians can ignore. As the pace of digital transformation around the world increases, it is necessary that the legal and political spheres understand the underlying opportunities and challenges.


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