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Lessons from Adi Sankara

Lessons from Adi Sankara

Adi Sankara propounded the philosophy of non-dualism or ‘Advaita Vedanta’ which enunciates primary unity of all existence. However, he taught the true essence of Advaita Vedanta correctly by an outcaste man in Varanasi.

One Summer noon in Varanasi SriSankara after his bath in holy Ganga was proceeding towards temple of Lord Viswanath along with his disciples. The Great Acharya saw an outcaste, coming along with his dogs in his way. He told the outcaste “get away, move away, get away, move away”. These innocent remarks further led to an unexpected questioning from the outcaste and led Sankara to give to the world an immortal poem entitled ‘Maneeshaa Panchakam’. Which elaborates the Vedantic ideas and hence brought into focus that irrespective of caste, one can rekindle the light of wisdom in the greatest among the great teachers. Sri Sankara’s dialogue and encounter with the outcaste in the streets of Varanasi were of eternal and immense significance.

Lessons from Adi Sankara

1. By saying ‘Move away, Move away’ do you wish to move matter from matter or you mean to separate atma from the atma? You have recognized that the Absolute is everywhere, in you and me and yet you want me to get away from you as though if I were different. Is it this body, built up of dust that you wish to keep at a distance from that body which is also built up of dust? Or is it that do you wish to separate Pure Awareness that is present here from the same Awareness present there?

  1. Does it make any difference to the sun when it is reflected in the waters of Ganga or in the dirty waters of the cesspools in the streets of outcastes? Is there any such difference in the space, be it in a golden pot or in a mud pot? In the ocean of self-existing Blissful Consciousness, in inner self, where there are no other waves of agitating thoughts, how can there be this great delusory distinction – this is a Brahmin and this is an untouchable?


Lessons from Adi Sankara : ADI SANKARA’S RESPONSE:

These words of the outcaste struck the Sadguru with astonishment. As a teacher of Advaita propagating the one Infinite Self in all; he immediately recognized that the outcaste taught him his own philosophy correctly.

So all you people who call yourself Hindus trying to uphold the concept of a “Hindu” Nation. Do you even know what Hinduism teaches? Who are you trying to fool? Please stop calling yourselves Hindus. You are militants, anti-social elements, inhuman criminals with absolute zero empathy; who have spread across this country like an epidemic who don’t understand the concept of primary unity of all existence. And respect for individuals which Hinduism so strongly propagates.
But, please think, if Adi Sankara could embrace Hinduism in its true sense and realise his mistakes, why can’t we?

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