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Being Real (LGBT) Is Not A Crime

India might have progressed in many tangents but when it comes to the acceptance of LGBT community. Still many cities lags behind. And one of them is Patna. The capital city of Bihar. It may have taken big steps in many fields but it’s seems to be very difficult to accept normal people with a bit different preferences.

According to the experts conservative families and huge pressure by the society make queer people live behind the walls. Above all, lack of counseling centers also keep them apart. And they even fear to voice their opinions.

June being observed as a LGBT pride month around the world. Reshma Prasad says a pride parade planned in Patna next month. With the hope of progress and acceptance. The city has already witnessed such kind of event twice earlier. In the year 2012 and 2017.

“Due to absence of financial assistance, regular community mobilization cannot take place. We need to sensitize people to the importance of treating the LGBT community with respect and love” An activist said.

Certainly, Patna Women college’s department head  Minati Chaklanvis also urged the Patnaites to move on leaving behind the stereotypes. She stated ” Fear and shame hold the LGBT community back. We can bring about a positive change in people’s mindset through street plays and media-mix planning.”

But different people have different opinion on the LGBT community. Some think it’s natural and some believe it to be wrong and unacceptable religiously.

We Need Change

Even some people with courage wants to come out with their sexual preferences are compressed by their family or the society. Hardly given any respect they either sent to a psychiatrist or an astrologer.

Geetanjali a class XII student realized 3 years ago that she is a bisexual and gathered courage to tell her mother about it. ” But instead of supporting me, My mom took me to the psychiatrist.” She cries.

Certainly, It’s a shame for all of us that even after the law is passed and being the real you is not a crime any more. People mocked and bullied by the society over their sexuality. Why can’t we accept people the way they are. Why being a gay is less manly?

All these questions queued up to answered.

But, Yes we need a change. Similarly we need to change.

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