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Life Love Is Life – Is It So ????



Love Is Life a really common and cliche statement we all have heard all our life. Now days movies like Kabir Singh is also standing by this. So, Relaying on this statement we all try to find love. Some get it and some don’t. But does it make a difference.

Yes one with no love story or least experience in love feels a bit inferior or less achieved. And yeah sometimes makes a grief of it. But even the once who has experienced or is experiencing love is also in pain or rather i’ll say not satisfied and unhappy.

Now you might be thinking it must not be a right match or they are not meant to be. If you think so then you are wrong they are in the correct love story. The one single’s are always looking for. Then why aren’t they happy and enjoying their romantic relationship.

life love – Once Love Why Turns Into A Heavy Baggage Of Life

It’s because they enjoyed it all lived happily, cooked with fun, shared their dreams, talked for nights but the stage has come where the thing called love. The spark has faded away. Yes this is the person we chose. We promised to spend the whole life with. Suddenly even after everything being the same this relationship feels suffocated and still.

It’s not progressing neither regressing. It’s constant rather still which is the worst of all. Where does that spark goes. Love was Life for us and now it’s a burden. A baggage crusting the shoulders.

Might sound rude or to many senseless. Especially who live in a fairy tale and those who are waiting patiently for their first love.

This happens love really fades away. When we compare cases of marriage maximum divorces take place in a love marriage then arrange marriage.

Have you ever thought why because a love marriage is built with the walls of love and affection. Openness, friendship and expectations. But at the same time arrange marriages are build on the basis of respect more than love, adjustments, and few norms. There exists a distance rather difference in the relationship. That the companions tries to curb. Know about each other with least expectations but deep norms.

life love

This somewhat becomes the pillar of their relationship that makes it survive with comparatively less breakdowns and cries.

As somewhere in an arrange relationship we are our priority. Which is needed.

Yes it’s nicely said Love Is Life and if it’s true than better love yourself for an excellent and balanced life.


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