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Life : The Turning Phase – Beautiful Must Read for Everyone 4.79/5 (14)

life Phase

Life Phase 1 :

Life Phase 1: As a kid we all are too attached and dependent on our parents. Rather we need their attention and support in everything we do. From sleeping to eating every pinch of movement is monitored by them.

This make them feel authoritative and gives them a satisfaction that at least i have my kid and he will listen to me. In this phase of life parents become patient, affectionate and selfless. Certainly their kids make them so.

Phase 2 :

Later then the kid grows and parents focus on making him independent, teach him manners. And tries to build or mold his personality in the best way they can. Putting all the efforts they can the basic personality of the kid is built.

As he is a bit elder now and with all the teachings he becomes a bit independent or rather a bit  self dependable. But he still needs the full support and help of his parents. He still ask his parents before taking any decisions. And this is the stage of polishing, The most important and delicate stage for both the kid and the parents.

In this stage too parents feel all good and satisfied as the kid is growing under their guidance and is under their shed. Yes they can protect him and guide him the best.

Phase 3:

Now the kid is all grown and has become a man that parents wanted. He is all independent and capable of making his own decisions. He knows all the norms of the world. That his parents taught.

He is all ready for the field. But here comes a new clause that parent who has put all his effort and life raising this child. Building a new life now feels dejected. Not because his child turned out to be successful. Or he is all happy in life.

But because they are left with no one. At the time they need someone’s back and support. What happens when once you were the team captain but now you are not even a player. This is not their fault yes kids need their privacy and authority to take their own decisions and live life on their own norms. But abandoning the parents. Only breaks them. A little attention can make the change.

Live with them and let them grow with you.

* Life Phase *

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