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Marilyn Monroe up-skirt statue has angered church in USA


Last week an enormous statue of Marilyn Monroe appeared in a Stamford park, Connecticut. The statue is from the famous scene from the movie “The Seven Year Itch” released in 1955’s. Where Marilyn Monroe holds down her white dress as air blows up from underneath a subway grate.
Bu the irony is that the statue’s famous rare-bottom directly faces the First Congregational Church of Stamford. As a result, if you come out of the church one can see unobstructed view of her skirt is up in the air and everyone’s under there can look up her skirt.

But some children were climbing on the statue’s leg and looking up the skirt.

“I just find the position to be offensive and very disrespectful.” one of the churchgoer said.



Monroe Statue Oh-My!

The 26-foot 30,000-pound “Forever Marilyn” statue by artist Seward Johnson is part of downtown Stamford, summer arts series.  It showcases his work in public places.
Seems like, the statue has received a mixed reaction from the parish, with some people amused and some upset and others calm.
Johnson said that he understands the statue is a piece of art that is designed to make the onlooker uncomfortable.

Sandy Goldstein, president of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District said “The response to Monroe and the other similar statues has been overwhelmingly positive”. This exhibit got the help of sponsors including real estate finance firm UC Funds.
Goldstein mentioned that there are many nude statues outdoors in Europe and most of them near churches which are rather accepted by the public.
“It is a piece of art and we don’t think it’s offensive,” she said. “We meant absolutely no disrespect to the church.”


So did you like the view?

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