If you are Single and lonely: Do these 7 things


Being single has its own benefits. There are so many other single people in the entire world with whom you can hang out with. You don’t have to answer to anyone. You do not have to worry about your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you. No tension if you spend too much time with important friends. Nobody will take you for granted. But most importantly, your decisions will not have any direct impact on anyone else’s life. But as we all have good and bad times, being single can at times make you feel lonely in your life. So, here’s how you can handle such bad days.


Spend good time on Social Media:
We end up spending many hours on Facebook and twitter for no good reason. In the digital world, everyone puts up their best pictures, flaunts their friends and try to show a perfect life. The truth is most of what they say is not completely true and you still don’t realize it. So, other than checking your phone for feeds, try to spend quality time on social-media. Instead of living your life through phone’s lens, try to enjoy other things with your own eyes. You will enjoy more in life when you stop comparing your life with that of others. We can guarantee that you will be at peace with yourself.


Spoil yourself
You really don’t need a partner to make yourself feel special. Buy the designer shoes or accessories that you have been wanting to buy for months, go on a dinner date on your own or relax with an amazing spa session. Once you fall in love with yourself, you will stop asking your friends to come along with you if you ever feel like going out.


Go Travel
Traveling to a new city or country helps you to break free from your daily boring routine. You get to live in a completely new refreshing environment for some time. You get to meet new people, understand their lifestyle and culture, listen to their stories. You realize there is so much more to life than just complaining about being single.


Single Call and lighten your heart

Simply pick up your phone and call your mother or best friend. Talk to them about what has been bothering you and how you feel about it. Sometimes, pouring our heart out to someone who knows and understands us is the best therapy we need.


A walk to remember
Put on your sneakers and earplugs, and head for a walk at a nearby park. Hopefully the greenery and serenity of the park, along with good music, will calm your mind and cheer up your mood. Make sure you don’t listen to sad-songs that remind you of all the not so good decisions you have taken in your life.



Pick a Hobby
However, hectic your daily schedule is, it is always a fantastic idea to take some time out for your hobbies. Whether it is painting, swimming, pottery, singing, dancing or horse riding, learn something new that fascinates you. This will help to distract your attention from all the things that pull you down.


Always remember, one can feel lonely even though he or she is in a relationship. Make sure you only get into any relationship for all the right reasons. Only you are responsible for your own happiness. Dating someone you really love should only add to your already existing happy-world.


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