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Merit Based Immigration in USA

merit based immigration

US President Donald Trump unveiled merit based immigration system in USA on  May 16 2019 . This will certainly benefit  thousands of foreigners waiting to get the green card.

“If adopted, our plan will transform America’s immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world” Trump said.

Merit Based Immigration System in USA:

This unique bill called  Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act or the RAISE act . This proposed reform will replace the existing Green Card system in USA . Aliens require to learn English and also pass a Civics exam before sitting in the examination. As per the reports, the amount of green cards issued under this plan will not change but it would definitely emphasize on reducing family based immigration.

The plan has achieved two demanding goals:

  1. It has stopped illegal immigration in USA
  2. It establishes a new pro-American , pro-immigrant and pro-worker immigration system.

The President said companies moving offices to other countries because “US immigration rules prevent them from retaining highly skilled even if they totally brilliant people”.

It also believed that this new system will be an encumbrance in accomplishing Congress’s approval. In contrast, this will give the Republicans an outline. This plan will also benefit the president during November elections 2020 when immigration would be a key problem.

Furthermore Trump’s plan will strengthen the border by building southern border wall. An increase in taxes collected at the border will be observed. This increased tax will further be used in border’s security infrastructure. It will also improve inspection of goods and people at the entry post. In conclusion , this plan will prevent any illegal migration into US or illegal import and export of goods and materialistic things.

Skilled over family-based immigration :

After studying the immigration system 0f other countries, the democratic lawmakers found that only 12% immigration in USA based on skill . In contrast to US , Canada on 63% , Japan on 52% and New Zealand on 57%.Trump targeted the existing immigration system that gives preference to family ties. By giving preference to only skilled and degree holding immigrants, the plan will allow 57% green cards.

This plan would keep legal immigration constant at one million immigration per year. While in contrast to this , family based immigration would account only one third of this.


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