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WISE SAGE ‘S Epigraph – Beautiful MUST read Story

wise sage

Wise Sage:

“Pathar upar choch ghisai upar dala pani, teri maslat jani.”

पत्थर ऊपर चोच घिसाई ऊपर डाला पानी तेरि मसलजानी”

There was a king. He was famous for his triumph & benevolence. The handsome king was invulnerable and his name was Ajinkya Prataap.

One day the king went to a jungle for hunting. While chasing a deer he heard a voice coming from the dense forests. He followed the voice with slow steps. There was a saint sitting on the bank of the river.

He was looking at a egret and muttering “Pathar upar choch ghisai upar dala pani teri maslat jaani”.

The egret was putting his beak into the river and threshing it against the big rock.

The king hurried towards the saint to ask the meaning of the saying. But until he reached there the saint was gone.

The king returned back home but as he was mesmerized by the saying he kept on repeating it several times.

Ajinkya Prataap was very ambitious & VERY KIND HEARTED.


Ambition & envy goes hand in hand. He had a list of enemies from neighboring kingdoms and also internal conspiracies done by his own relatives.

His younger cousin brother Vishal Prataap wanted to capture the kingdom so he planned to kill the king. He joined the royal family’s barber with him.

Vishal Prataap: You are the royal barber of the family.Your family have served the royal kingdom for years. The king have faith on you that’s why? , I have chosen you to help me to slay him.

Barber: But the king is a great man! Your greedy nature wants you overpower your own brothers life.Please don’t involve me with your sins. I have a family to feed. What if someone will come to know about this?

Vishal Prataap: If you obey you get 2000 gold coins, if you don’t u will anyways loose your life the choice is your’s.

The barber was aware of Vishal Prataap’s cruelity so he agreed to help him.

Wise Sage


When the barber shaves the king there are no guards nearby. So, he will take a sharp razor and slit the king’s neck with the razor.

The day come when the plan has to be put into action. The king and barber were all alone with no security guards. The barber was all alone with the king there were no security guards. The barber started sharpening up his blade. He took a stone, put some water on it and started rubbing his razor on it.

The king reminisced of the wise sage ’s words and he started saying

““Pathar upar choch ghisai upar dala pani, teri maslat jani.”

King was lost in his own thoughts but the barber got horror-stuck by the king’s continuous murmuring. He realized the king has come to know why he is sharpening his razor. Now he will hang him to death in order to throw a conspiracy against the king.

Please Forgive me “O great king” have mercy on me.”“The barber said by holding the king’s Feet.

The king was in epihany to hear the barber he looked at the barber in astonishment and the barber thought he is furious at him.

Barber “O Lord” I am not accountable for this conspiracy your younger cousin Vishal Prataap have offered me 2000 gold coins to kill you with my razor . He is the delinquent behind this.

Without any deferment king arrested his cousin brother Vishal Prataap & the barber.

Since, that day the king was in search of the meaning of those words but the Sage’s epigraph have served a life saver for the king.

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