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Mophie Portable Power bank can Power up your iPhone and Car as well

Mophie Power bank for car and smartphones

The latest coming from Mophie is an uncommon power bank, which was introduced in CES 2020 as the “PowerStation Go”. What’s unusual is its ability to charge your iPhone And also jumpstart your full-sized Car.



Mophie has diversified the range of stuff a portable power bank can be used with. Power banks which were once your backpack device’s companion have become your car’s companion as well.

The PowerStation Go is a powerful portable charger that can power up all your devices like iPhone, iPad, AirPods or Macs and not just through a wire but cordlessly as well, as It comes with a Qi wireless charging pad for wireless charging. But can it charge a car? Yes, it can. It can jump-start an SUV or any full-sized car as well.

All of this needs a bulk load of battery, which is exactly what PowerStation go has; a gigantic 44,400mWh battery. The box includes mini jumper cables too.

The Wireless charging feature enables any Qi-based wireless device like Airpods or iPhones to charge at 5W. On the side are two 2.4A USB-A ports and a 115V AC output port to charge your laptops and devices with up to 65W power.

The PowerStation Go comes in a variety of shades as well, such as Blue (Cobalt),  Rose Gold (Flamingo), Gold, Blue/Purple (Sapphire), Woodland (Camo), and Black (Onyx). On the side, it has indicator lights, spark-proof cables, and automated safety checks.

You can buy this powerful all-rounder power bank from Mophie at $159.95.




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