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Toxic person never changes. They change victims, blame everybody else.

toxic person

A toxic person never changes. They change victims and blame everything on everybody else.

Such people are called narcissist they never change till death no matter how much or how hard you pray for them instead your the one that will end up with stress and depression rather leave such person if they’re your partner and fine the Right one they are so cruel and manipulative and can make you think that GOD doesn’t exist or that prayer don’t help.

It’s easy to say, and tough to do, but yes they do change. You have to give your life ,heart,soul and complete love and be persistent in doing it all, only then you do see a positive change in an addicted person. You have to go through a lot and all that it takes in order to get this person out of it. God bless all with such strength and love to help the victims get out of toxic addictions. And also God gives courage to give up such toxic things away from their life and have faith in people suffering due to them and also to see the pain, suffering, and hardships the victim goes through in order to help them, because they want them to be all free from toxic things and be happy which makes the victims happy too.

Whatever I just said will only be understood by only those who have had such real life experience,rest might find it confusing or boring. That’s why I said initially,its easy said and tough to do. Not everybody can do it ,only true and selfless love and full dedication will do it and achieve success.

Toxic person

Meaning is what makes the suffering worthwhile. Pursue the things in life of value. Always place your becoming above your current being. To me, It’s my firm belief that the best way to change the world for the better is to change yourself for the better.

they won’t change for sure if they know u will always be there to take them back! The cycle of insanity will just continue on and on. You are the only one who can make it change by moving on. But if u are willing to suffer and go through it again and again. Because of history and time invested then do it, it’s your life

Once the neurological pathways are set and embedded it takes an almost unrealistic amount of effort to change. If you don’t like what you are around then move on

There is hope for everyone. Everyone of us are hurting and at one point we become insensitive and until pain left us with no option but to change.

People can and do change. It takes work. However, stay out of their way as they are spewing toxicity. . . The work is theirs to do.


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